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12 June 2022


As your eyes slowly morph into focus, they come to reston the grided pattern of your State Room ceiling. Yourelax back in your bunk and allow yourself another coupleof minutes, after all this had been your last night onthe Stennis. In your peripheral vision hangs your flyingsuit with the ubiquitous flight patch secured withVelcro. Embroidered below the Naval Wing’s insignia readsLt Scott Rivers, “Ford”.

As you think back, it only seems yesterday that theOssetia Georgian conflict had blown up and you had foundyourself on the Black Sea aboard the USS John C Stennis.This the heart of a multinational response Task Force. Asa F/A-18C Hornet Pilot you had operated off the carrieras part of VFA-34, “Blue Blasters”. There was no doubtthe conflict had stretched the Task Force. Challenging atfirst, then relentless and in the end, for you, personal.This, when the air show you were displaying at wasattacked and many innocent civilians had lost their liveson your watch. You had tried to take out the extremistleader responsible known as “Snake” unsuccessfully onnumerous occasions. It was only when he had outlived hisusefulness to his allied supporters that it had beenpossible for you to successfully take him out with awell-placed GBU12. Since then the whole of the conflicthad thankfully dissipated. In the past couple of monthsthe Georgian situation had got back to normal and so hadthe on-board operations on the Stennis. The whole crewwere now anticipating the long-awaited orders fromCentral Command to move out of the area for a longoverdue spell of R&R.

It had only been a week since you had been called intosee CAG. He had explained the world was a changing placeand that this was never more true than in the region ofthe Gulf. Three things had changed in the region whichhad caused Central Command sleepless nights at thehighest level. Firstly, there had been the rapidlyincreasing tension with Iran as a consequence of theintense international sanctions which were having asignificant effect on their economy. Secondly, there hadbeen a recent step change in the relationship between theClerics and the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps).Since the revolution in 1979 the IRGC had beensubservient and, in fact, formed to uphold the ideals ofthe revolution and its religious leaders throughout thecountry. This dynamic appeared to be changing and theIRGC where now taking a leading role. Lastly, the IRGChad a new aggressive leader, who amongst other things,had sworn to take full control of the Straits of Hormuz.This, in his words “To squeeze dry the oils supplies tothe West” in response to the sanctions. He was an expilotwho had risen the ranks and was known as “Asad”,meaning ‘Lion’.

As Central Command had anticipated trouble in the area,and in response to growing concerns from theGCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) they had already deployeda Task force in the Gulf. This had the USS AbrahamLincoln at its heart. CAG had appreciated it was a bigask but requested that you volunteer to join the TaskForce on the ABE, you would fly with the VFA 113“Stingers”, this to help provide additional support inanticipation of the growing conflict.

There was a movement on the other side of your StateRoom. It was “Wave”, your wingman, he was also justwaking from a good night’s sleep, it had been a long dayyesterday. Lt Larry Jackson had been your wingman now formany months and you both had grown into a strong team.Flying with him in the Caucasus had been a real pleasureand you were confident he always ‘had your back’. Hisrather cruel call sign had come about on account of himbeing extremely follicly challenged for his young age.You were surprised, but also pleased, when he alsovolunteered to follow you down to the Gulf, “To keep theteam together”, as he put it.

You climb out of your bunk it is time to get some chowand get things moving, you both have plenty to do beforeyour departure briefing at 16:00 hours in the VFA-34Ready Room 6. The Stennis launch slot for your flight isbooked at 19:00 hours.
1 June 2022

Promoted to "Commander"

24 April 2022


You are call sign "Ford" and part of a deployed F/A-18C Hornet Unit. As at the conclusion of the last campaign, "The Serpent's Head", your unit remains posted on the Black Sea off the Georgian coast on the USS John C.Stennis. This carrier forming the heart of the multinational task force which had been sent to the region to contain the latest Ossetia Georgian Conflict. This conflict has now been stopped in its tracks by the multitude of missions carried out by the task force, not least including your own significant contribution. The Senior Commander of the Ossetia forces had played a very clever game. He was known to his forces as "Snake" on account of his astute and sometimes devious strategies. Thanks to excellent intel, it was in your final night mission of the last campaign that you successfully bombed the sports arena in which Snake was holding a meeting of all his high command. The "jewel in the crown" however was when Snake tried to escape the attack in his helicopter, you managed to track him with your radar and took him out with a well-executed "Fox 2". It was a major blow, effectively removing in one strike all their command structure including their leader. After this, their forces were in disarray and it had been an easy task to regain lost territory and end the hostilities.

As a result of continuing local political pressure, the task force remains in the area with a watching brief. Life on board has now in contrast become somewhat relaxed since the cessation of hostilities. Your days now are filled with the normal on-board procedures, necessary practice and the odd patrol flight. As always in life such times have a nasty habit of being turned on their head in a heartbeat . . . . . .
10 April 2022


Recent events and an emboldened Russian government have led to the resurrection of the 2008 Ossetia Georgian conflict. This time however events have been limited to the Ossetia region. Russian backed Ossetia forces have, after a bitter battle, taken Gori plus adjacent areas to the south east and west.

The senior commander of the Ossetia forces has played a very clever game. He is known to his forces as the “The Snake” on account of his astute and sometimes devious strategies.

Western forces have become increasingly concerned as to the escalating events in Caucasus Region. As a result, a combined multinational force has been assembled in the Black sea off the Georgian coast. This taking the form of a naval fleet with the USS John C. Stennis at its heart.

You, call sign “Ford”, are part of the F18C Hornet unit bound for the Black Sea. Currently you are completing a tour of war games based in Nevada at Groom Lake AFB. Excitement is building whilst all are busy preparing for the imminent trip to join the Fleet in the Black Sea.

This is where all the training becomes reality.
1 March 2022


It is May 1992. The Berlin wall has fallen, the Soviet Union has broken down. In an attempt to regain control of the crucial Black Sea region, REDFOR invaders have crossed Georgian borders in an attempt to annex the ex-Soviet state.

Determined to prevent a return to the old days of Soviet power, NATO takes exceptional action. A US Carrier Strike Group transits the Bosphorus Straits and enters the Black Sea.

As the conflict escalates, F-14s of the Carrier Air Wing will lead the fight against REDFOR.
1 February 2022


Conquest of Mineral'nye Vody
4 December 2021


When Russian nationalists seize power, you and the "Ike" must defend our Ukrainian allies
3 December 2021


DCS LIBERATION - Banana Republic
Persistono problemi in AI, gli aerei alleati sono distrutti in modo abbastanza inspiegabile, inoltre la campagna contiene degli obiettivi di scenario che non possono essere distrutti. Le missioni sono ripetitive e monotone.
19 November 2021


DCS LIBERATION - Banana Republic
Test di una campagna a Guam contro avversari impotenti per verificare la stabilità di DCS Liberation.
18 September 2021


Presenti molti problemi nelle funzioni della AI, sovente gli aerei alleati in decollo dalla porta aerei precipitano appena dopo il lancio.
Tali problemi compromettono in modo considerevole lo svolgimento della campagna impendendo gran parte delle missioni pianificate.

Gli avversari non possono essere battuti.
18 July 2021


Test di una campagna con DCS Liberation.
6 February 2021


After over a year of protests, the Arab Spring movement led to a successful overthrow of the Syrian government in March of 2012. The newly established coalition, despite Western support, has faced significant hardship establishing a lasting peace. Influence from other states in the region and 2 years of smoldering unrest within Syria have left a power vacuum in the eastern part of the state. Over the past several months, elements of the Syrian Army and Air Force loyal to the ousted government have organized, declaring a new Syrian Nationalist Regime. From their established bases in eastern Syria, the SNR launched a massive armed insurgency seeking to regain control of the country from the coalition government.

UN peacekeepers were deployed but have done little to slow the SNR advance through Syria, and attempts at peace negotiations have failed. In July of 2014 peacekeepers confirmed that the SNR advance had forced thousands of families out of their homes with significant civilian casualties. In response to the growing humanitarian crisis, NATO committed forces to try and de-escalate the situation. USAF units deployed to air bases in Turkey and Jordan, and the USS George Washington Carrier Group entered the Mediterranean Sea. The ground effort was spearheaded by the 24th MEU crossing the Syria/Jordan border in the hopes of deterring further advances. A no-fly zone has been established over Syria and current ROE has allowed retaliatory strikes on SNR air defenses targeting NATO aircraft.

The Iranians have remained a wild card. While they have not publicly shown support for the insurgent forces, they have voiced strong opposition to Western involvement in the conflict. Behind the scenes, however, there has been a massive influx of military supplies across northern Iraq into Syria. Unfortunately, instability in the region has left Iraq largely unable to check the flow of supplies. Intel has also reported seeing SNR troops sporting IRGC insignia, and the paint jobs on their vehicles look rushed. No one wants a conflict with Iran, and for all their posturing Iran has not overtly intervened. As long as NATO operations don’t extend into their territory, Iran will likely stay out of the fight.

With the insurgent forces encroaching on more populated areas, it’s only a matter of time until NATO is pushed to take more direct action.

Promoted to "Lieutenant Commander"

2 January 2021


You are Chris Wesley nicknamed 'Flow', youre a Navy FA18 pilot assigned to help establish a Naval Air Facility in central Syria to support the Marines, during the Syrian Civil War...

Along your progess you learn the terrain, and get to grips with your aircrafts capabilities, often learning more about the conflict youre engaged in along the way.

During your time in central Syria, you engage with ground targets and air targets.
Each mission comes layered with different tactics, and how you choose to win is up to you.

You use operation time' to master the map, so when the next campaign arrives youll have the advantage...
26 December 2020

Awarded with "Navy Cross"

10 September 2020

Transferred to VFA-64 Ravens



February 2008. As Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) is in the final days of its fourth year, Carrier Strike Group 4 with USS Valley Forge arrives in the Gulf of Oman for a routine deployment in support of the allied forces on the ground. Four Hornet squadrons of the CVW-4 “Tomahawk”: VFA-91 (Spartans), VMFA-262 (Moonshadows), VFA-47 (Buccanners) and VFA-64 (Ravens) prepare for few intensive months of close air support missions flown mainly in al-Anbar province, where last pockets of insurgents persisted despite successful ground campaign known as “Anbar Awakening”.

At the same time, tensions in the Persian Gulf are on the rise. Iran openly flexes their muscles, conducting extensive and selective searches of civilian vessels that are passing through the Strait of Hormuz. Rhetoric from Tehran against Israel, US and some of the Gulf Cooperation Council states is reaching unprecedented levels, while tanker traffic and flow of oil begins to drop as a fallout of the increasingly unstable situation.

You will play the role of Commander James “Flip” Wilson, 35-year old Operations Officer of the VFA-64, who in his 12 years since the flight school accumulated over 3000 hours in the Hornet. Flip is also a Top Gun graduate, responsible for both training the squadron pilots and producing a daily flight schedule.

The Ravens consist of 15 pilots, a small number of maintenance officers, a dozen chief petty officers, and some 160 sailors who maintain the 11 aircraft belonging to the squadron. Your name is stencilled on the bort of Raven 403. VFA-64 is commanded by Cmdr Steve “Cajun” Lassiter, an easy-going former Tulane linebacker with a thick moustache and a shock of dark hair. The second in command, Cmdr William “Saint” Patrick – simply refered to as XO by the rest of the squadron pilots – is a slender man of medium height with a thinning hairline, no sense of humour and a very difficult demeanour.

As USS Valley Forge enters the Gulf of Oman, you are expecting mostly long X-CAS sorties with occasional training hops with your fellow squad members. However, what everyone considered to be a routine deployment will soon turn into something completely different…
23 August 2020

Promoted to "Lieutenant"

18 August 2020


In the summer of 2018, Iran claimed control of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz. A territory that has been disputed by the United States. On August 27, 2018, Secretary Pompeo tweeted, “The Islamic Republic of Iran does not control the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait is an international waterway. The United States will continue to work with our partners to ensure freedom of navigation and free flow of commerce in international waterways.” This response and the continued presence of U.S. vessels caused some of Iran’s generals to question the lack of enforcement by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

In the summer of 2019, tensions between Iran and the United States escalated as Iran destroys a U.S. drone in international water. An act that President Trump declared a “last straw”. Additional attacks would be met with a military response. But no further actions were taken by Iran.

On August 4th, 2019, Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani took matters into his own hands and ceased control of key sectors of southern Iran. Bandar Abbas airport, the surrounding areas, and the islands south of it are now under his command. This is a direct threat to any vessel sailing in the Strait of Hormuz. He has defied the President of Iran as well as Iran’s Supreme Leader.

President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, have started negotiating with the United States to help end this coup in exchange for full cooperation by allowing the United States and her allies to continue to serve in the Persian Gulf. They are also establishing a new nuclear and oil deal that will favor the United States indefinitely.

On August 6th, 2019, the agreement has been established. Operation Saber Thrust is underway. The objective is to find and eliminate General Qassem Soleimani to restore full control to President Hassan Rouhani.

Awarded with "Congressional Medal of Honor"

2 August 2020

Awarded with "Navy Cross"

1 August 2020

Awarded with "Silver Star"

24 July 2020

Awarded with "Legion of Merit"

5 July 2020

Awarded with "Distinguished Flying Cross"

24 June 2020

Awarded with "Air Medal"

13 June 2020

Promoted to "Lieutenant (junior grade)"

10 June 2020

Awarded with "Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal"

27 May 2020


Carrier Strike Group Ten is steaming into the Persian Gulf to aid coalition forces in a counter insurgency on the Musandam Peninsula as a mysterious group of well-armed militants have been causing havoc in the area. This comes at a time where tensions between Iran and the western world are quickly reaching a breaking point. There is little room to maneuver in the crowded Straight of Hormuz and even less for error.
23 May 2020

Awarded with "Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal"

15 May 2020

Promoted to "Ensign"


Transferred to VFA-37 Ragin' Bulls


Awarded with "Pilot's Badge"